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Recycle Because it’s The RIGHT thing to do!

National needs are upon us. It’s time to clean up for summer. Recycling can be a family activity while teaching respect for mother earth. Buy large bulk, fewer items, larger packaging. Remember, reduce first then recycle it! Recycling takes little effort, while giving you a sense of pride. Mound Waste & Recycling LLC is proud to participate! We’re doing our part, are you? Get involved Do it!

Now Buying

Aluminum CansAluminum ScrapACR
RadiatorsCopper #1Brass
Short IronSheet MetalCopper #2
Sheet CopperLong IronUnclean Aluminum
Heater CoresBatteriesUnclean Copper 1 & 2
Mixed SteelAppliancesNon Magnetic
Stainless Steel


Display our bumper sticker and receive a 2 cent per pound cash bonus. Offer good on every visit with sticker!

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If you are not recycling, you are throwing it all away!

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