Wild Bird Feed


Scioto Farm Supply provides bird enthusiasts a healthy supply of essential wild bird seed choices. Premium seeds and value packaging…

Ask about our Wild Bird Club. Buyers reward; buy 12 bags of wild bird seed, and your 13th bag is free it’s our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers.


New item Scioto Value Bird Seed 40# 10.95

We carry these products:

  • Seeds
  • Shelled Corn
  • Oiled Sunflower
  • Peanuts
  • Striped Sunflower
  • Suet
  • Wild Bird Mixes
  • Niger/Thistle
  • Eared Corn
  • Safflower


Did you know?
There are 18 sparrow species in the Ross County area? You may often confuse this little guy with the common house finch. This is a purple finch. They visit us in the cold months. They are slightly red-purple on the breast and plumper.


Brown thrasher makes quick work with his long beak.You can make a peanut log from a wood log section. Simply bore holes, fill with peanut butter, and hang by securing an eye hook screw.




If you have a cat, it’s best to keep them inside for many reasons. But for the birds, if you must let them out, place a bell on your cat’s collar. This warns the birds of kitty’s approach.

Did you know birds need our help even more in the spring than in winter months?

Why: The adult birds find and feed the insects and worms to their young. By providing bird feed, you give mother the extra energy she needs to raise her brood successfully. Our farm store selects bird feeders to meet every need. Gear up for those feeding frenzies. Ohio will be busier with the chirping of our visitors. Clean those feeders and add more variety to your feeding station.

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